Rancho Pecana LLC

Claudia Borunda
9555 Plaza Circle, Suite C
El Paso, TX 79927
We are a proud family-owned business providing high quality pecans, from our hands to yours. Rancho Pecana is involved in the production, shelling, and packaging of shelled pecans in North Mexico with the best Quality Standards in the Healthy Food Industry (SQF), as well as responsible farming practices through the Global G.A.P. certification in our orchards. Since 1986, we have pursued transforming agriculture by connecting local farms and communities in a method that is environmentally and economically sustainable. Our pecan specifications align with the United States of America’s Food and Drug Administration standard sizes.

Camp David Pecans

David or Margie Nordt
PO Box 616
Millican, Texas 77866
Elliott, Kanza, Caddo, Prilop, Farley, and Apalachee are grown in our orchard. In selection of pecan varieties, flavor was the priority. Please visit our website for availability of pecan halves, pieces, and no add sugar or salt pecan butters. Shipping available to the contiguous 48 states. Delivery available in the College Station area. Please call for delivery schedule.

Mad Crow Farm & Ranch

Jack and Sandra McKemie
7661 CR 244
Caldwell, TX 77836
Mad Crow Grove is owned, operated and processed by Mad Crow Farm & Ranch. We are a small independent family business located in Burleson County, Texas. Our small grove currently produces varieties including Pawnee, Cape Fear, Oconee, Sugar Hill, Schley, Choctaw, Caddo, Kiowa, Jack Doby, Desirable, GraTex, GraKing and Podsednik. Kanza has been grafted, by not yet producing.  Additional Native trees will be grafted in the near future based on the variety best results. Shelled pecan halves and pieces are available starting in October while supplies last. Pecan shells are bagged and available for smoking and BBQ. We sell at local farmer’s markets in Caldwell and Bryan, Tx. Call or email for other delivery options.

Sean McNeely Farms

Sean McNeely
301 County Rd 390
Carlton, TX 76436
This is a family farm started by my grandfather in the 80’s. We offer paper shell pecans. They can be purchased as in-shell, cracked, or shelled pecans.

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